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We have a partnership program available for people and companies who have experience in packing, supply chain and logistics based locally and internationally


We have a reseller and affiliate program available for people and companies who have experience in bulk sales in the agricultural sector based locally and internationally

  • $600/month stipend
  • $100 for health benefits
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Hello and Welcome

Our History

Our history

Before starting his lemon farming operation, Fruit Field Farming, just outside Paarl, Wayne Mansfield was a fruit hawker. Wayne got involved in the fruit business by helping his uncle after school and over the weekends for pocket money by buying fruit from local farmers and he'd help pack the fruit to be sold at local markets

Our history

When he was a 23-year-old entrepreneur, Mansfield turned down an opportunity to work at a farm he was sourcing lemons to resell feeling that he was younger and had little interest in farming.

Around 2013, a local farmer agreed to mentor Mansfield and leased him 12 hectares of land

Our history
Early days

On securing the lease, Wayne had a lot of work to do from the ground up. He installed an irrigation system that enabled him to plough and get going. He hired some people in the Pniel community to get started on his vision

Our History

After getting the hang of farming and the farming business, Wayne grew his business in a short period of time. In 2015, he was able to export about 31 tonnes of lemons and in 2016, this figure rose substantially to 168 tonnes.

Wayne has attributed a lot of growth to the mentorship and help received from the Farmer Support and Development Programme which saw him receive a Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) grant in 2015.

Our history
Upwards and onwards

Although Wayne Mansfield made useful connections in the fruit industry as a hawker, he knew little about farming. However, with the help of a grant and mentorship, he established a lemon farm near Paarl in 2013, and last year boosted his exports by 400%.

Wayne is optimistic about the future of Fruitfield farming and is looking to scale his operations locally and do business internationally.

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